Scheduled & Recurring Shredding Services for Your Office, Practice or Clinic

Selecting and partnering with a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Operation like TRexShred is vital to the implementation of a 24/7/365 Information Security Program. TRexShred provides all the equipment and training and will work with you to schedule the most appropriate level of service. TRex clients choose from Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly frequency levels. You can get started tomorrow!

Mobile Shredding Truck on Highway

TRexShred’s Most Common Equipment Options

The shredding industry has developed a wide assortment of shredding collection containers, and TRex has access to them all, so please let us know if you need something special. That being said, these two options are what we use for 99% of our clients.

Digital Illustration of a Shredding Bin - Collection Container

64-Gallon Locked Rolling Bins

The 64-gallon rolling bin is T-Rex’s food bowl. It gets lifted right off the ground and dumped into his mobile shredding “mouth.” Clients love these units for their large capacity and their ability to be rolled throughout the building for purges and other large jobs.

Office Shred Secure Collection Console

32-Gallon Locked Consoles

The 32-gallon console is the more civilized version, best suited for common areas like the lobby or executive row. Many executives put a console right in their office for immediate security as employees know the boss’ pile of “to be shredded” documents is where all the good secrets live. Woodgrain options are also available for an additional fee.

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We are NAID AAA Certified for Document and Media Destruction. Click the image for more information.