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Do You Need a One-Time Shredding Purge of Your Confidential Documents?

Is it time to purge that ancient history and protect your confidential and vital information? Then TRexShred is the company for you! We’ll be there on time, work within your budget, and securely shred your confidential business, client, customer, and vital information.

TRexShred serves businesses of all kinds: law firms, financial institutions, medical practices, schools and universities, and more.

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Don’t Wait Too Long…Shred Now!

Shredding confidential and proprietary information is critical in today’s high-risk environment. A single box of files can be more valuable to a criminal than a room full of brand-new electronics. In the wrong hands, the files you have stacked up in your office could be worth more than access to your bank account. Think about your competitors or a disgruntled employee misusing your sensitive information!

Be sure to call TRexShred and stop making these two most common shredding mistakes:

Mistake # 1: Piling Up Valuable Information

T-Rex has devoured his share of piles of “To Be Shredded” documents. You know, the big stack next to the shredder (see Mistake #2) that you haven’t had time to shred yet.

This is the first place a data thief heads when looking for valuable information. You have inadvertently pointed them right to the good stuff, because if it needs to be shredded, it’s automatically sensitive, right?

You need a bin or console to secure this information right away and TRexShred to come by and shred it on your schedule.

Mistake # 2: Using Personal Shredders in the Office

The fact that you are here means you may have already tried the personal shredding machine option and given up. Sorry you had to go through that! The simple fact is that your time and the data breach risk (see Mistake #1) are too important for messing around with shredders at the office.

Call to find out how affordable our Scheduled Service is and get rid of the pile you have now!

Cleaning Out Part of a Self Storage Unit and Keeping the Rest? T-Rex may be willing to SHRED FOR FREE if you store at his Momma’s company.

That’s right! T-Rex’s Momma, Denise Chadima, has the best Records Storage & Management operation in town, and they regularly empty out self storage lockers full of documents completely, shredding some and storing the rest. Click here to learn more about Corporate Records Management.

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