Answers to Your Paper Shredding Questions

The words "Frequently Asked Questions" written out in black marker. The first letter of each word is written in red ink and circledOscar Wilde once said, “The answers are all out there, we just need to ask the right questions.” The truth in his statement also extends to paper shredding. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about paper shredding:

Q: Why Isn’t a Paper Shredding Machine Secure?

A: Office shredders and other types of paper shredding machines do not reduce documents to an unrecognizable, minuscule size like an industrial grade mobile shredder. Many office shredders only shred documents into strips which can be easily reconstructed to gain access to sensitive information. (We can’t make this claim. We strip shred, 5/8”, which is NAID certified, but most office shredding machines are actually smaller than us.)

Q: Should I Shred or Recycle My Documents?

A: Both, however to protect your privacy, it’s critical to thoroughly destroy your documents before recycling them. A shredding service renders your files unrecognizable, and then bales the shredded material for secure recycling. A strict chain of custody procedure is maintained throughout the entire destruction and recycling process.

Q: Is Outsourced Shredding Expensive?

A: When you factor in the cost of purchasing office paper shredders, the expense of maintaining them, your electricity costs and the time it takes your employees to shred documents, outsourced shredding costs less than in-house document destruction.

Q: How Secure are Shredding Consoles?

A: Shredding consoles are extremely secure; their design and locking mechanism makes it easy to dispose of paper records while offering unparalleled privacy protection. Once documents are deposited into a shredding console they can only be removed at the time of destruction by a screened document destruction professional.

Q: What Else Should I Destroy Besides Paper?

A: Identity thieves seek access to all kinds of confidential information, no matter the format. As a result, any item with sensitive personal, medical or financial information should be destroyed, including defective or out-of-date products, obsolete digital devices and old back up tapes and hard drives.

Q: Do I Need to Prepare My Documents for Shredding?

A: No; one of the benefits of outsourced shredding is you don’t have to remove staples, paper clips or rubber bands from your files. The blades on a mobile document destruction vehicle destroy non-paper items as well. Simply give your shredding and destruction provider your documents “as-is,” and they’ll be destroyed in just a few minutes.

Q: What Are the Advantages of On-Site Shredding?

A: On-site shredding offers several advantages. First, your sensitive and confidential documents never leave your premises, reducing the risk of a costly privacy breach. They are collected and destroyed at your place of business. Second, on-site shredding saves you the time and hassle of hauling your documents somewhere to be destroyed. Instead, you can focus on your business while your documents are destroyed for you. And finally, on-site shredding offers verifiable privacy protection; you can witness the shredding of your documents in real time.

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